GAM Energy

We take care of everything...

GAM is an international company specializing in machinery, with more than 10 years of experience in different lines of business: audiovisual equipment, power, lifting, handling, industrial machinery and moving loads, special equipment, technical projects...

We support our customers throughout the process of managing equipment: purchase and sale, rental, training, logistics, national and international freight, maintenance, insurance and any need you may have related to your machinery.


Rental solutions
for temporary power supply.

GAM offers a complete solution for each facility that includes technical advice, equipment, accessories, 24 hour technical assistance, legalization of facilities, fuel, maintenance and waste management.

GAM Energy

Speed • reliability • technical service • full range • national attention

For whatever you need:

  • Scheduled interventions for production or maintenance, resolving unexpected events or emergencies.
  • In any activity or sector and for all kinds of events.
  • Emergency mounts, continuous operation, peak power support, in parallel, contingency plans and power tests.

Our service:

  • Supply, installation, implementation and equipment maintenance.
  • Fuel management of our equipment.
  • National and international coverage: more than 100 offices in 10 countries.
  • Turnkey service.

GAM Energy