GAM Industry

Take care of your business...

GAM offers a complete solution for companies with recurring needs related to their machinery.

Do you know how much your company spends on idle time when you’re not using your machines? Have you assessed the cost of shoddy repairs or handling equipment without approved training?

GAM Industry

With over 10 years of experience, we have the technical resources and specialized personnel required for the complete management of any machine or fleet. Outsourcing these tasks significantly reduces cost, time and worry for any company.

With GAM you will have technical and commercial advice through a single contact for all your work centers. Our long-term commitment allows planning and forecasting of costs according to each company's production model. We offer a customized program with fleet optimization studies, permanent technical service, maintenance routine plans and different options for renewal of equipment and operator training. Our proposal includes flexibility in all types of contracts, maximum response time of technical equipment and replacement if necessary.

  • Multi-product: maintenance, handling, lifting, power and specialized equipment.

  • Multi-brand: We work with all brands available in the market.

Purchase and rent for fleet renewal:

These transactions are especially useful for renewing equipment or getting liquidity. It involves the sale of a machine or equipment and then renting those same machines, or others that are a better fit for the project (newer, with different features...).

We perform these transactions with machines of any type and from any brand, from the smallest to the largest machines (from pallet jacks to backhoes).

GAM Industry
  • Nationwide service: where and when you need it.

  • 50 offices throughout Spain and Portugal.