GAM signs a framework agreement with ACCIONA Energía for the provision of drone services

• Aerón by GAM, the Spanish multinational's engineering and drone services division, will carry out specialist assignments for the renewable energy firm over the next 12 months.

• These services will range from structural inspections to cartography work, as well as the subsequent processing and analysis of the data obtained by means of advanced technologies.

Aerón By Gam Llega A Un Acuerdo Con Acciona

The Spanish multinational firm GAM, through Aerón, its business division that specialises in supplying drone services (RPAS*), will be carrying out assignments using drone technology, at facilities managed by Acciona's energy division.

The agreement covers various types of services, encompassing data collection using different sensors, multispectral, thermographic and photogrammetric, video recording, cartography using photogrammetry and LIDAR system, as well as subsequent data processing and the generation of certified technical reports.

These tasks will be performed within the Iberian Peninsula and in various self-governing regions of Spain. In this respect, GAM's extensive network structure is a key aspect that translates into an agile response capacity that is always close to the end client.

Aerón's accredited experience with energy and industrial firms was another important factor in securing this contract.

To carry out these tasks, different types of drones will be used: multirotor, fixed-wing, specific drones for confined spaces, also guaranteeing duplication in terms of aircraft and sensors.

Aerón is the business division of GAM that specialises in drones (RPAS). Our aim is to provide a turnkey solution to the client. The drones are just a part of the service, a tool that affords us greater accessibility, accuracy and security in data collection. The sensors are responsible for capturing the type of data that responds to the client's needs, but the key lies in being able to classify, analyse and interpret the data captured by the drones. Our experience on different types of projects allows us to bring added value to the solutions we offer our clients”, explains Jorge Arias, the technical director of Aerón by GAM.

There are huge opportunities to use drones in the industrial sector, but also in agriculture, forestry, and inspections in confined or hard-to-reach spaces, to give just a few examples".

And so Acciona has become the latest client from the energy and industrial sector to place its trust in Aerón.
GAM's engineering and drone services division represents another step forward in the company's provision of value-added services.