GAM Training: Benefit from your bonus

Last days to benefit from your company's bonus.

We will manage everything.

Costume training for your company adapted to your workers' needs.

Formacion Bonificada Tripartita

Benefit from your company's bonus for the handlingmachinery training we offer in all our business delegations.

It is about costume planning according to each company's needs, designed to ensure specific knowledge of the machine's handling the workers use daily. Moreover, we offer personalixed guidance and custome services.

Our goal is adapted to your company's requirements in order to achieve the efficiency and productivity in the labour process; minim,ize accident risks; improve your equipment caution, machinery and facilities.

You can consult all the information in our section of Training. We work in a great range of areas: lifting, handling, ligistics, ports...

Call to 902 230 022 and benefit from your bonus.