Practical applications of the drone uses in the industry: aerón by GAM presentation in Sevilla

- Current legal framework and future legislation changes.
- Different types of aircrafts and sensors.
- Applied sectors in the industry.

Invitacion Drones Industria Gam Sevilla 181017

This month we have celebrated the first meeting with our clients with the purpose of presenting the different applications that our drone engineering services can offer. The session was celebrated in our business delegation in Sevilla and different companies of the industrial sector, as well as public authorities and state security, have been present.

Aerón is the new GAM's division, specialised in unmanned aircrafts for industry. Though drone technology is a current topic, some companies do not know the range variety of solutions it can offer.

The aim of this session is to inform our clients about all the possibilities ERP offer to collect quality data and its applicatiom in manufacturing processes of any sector.

Aeron By Gam Presentacion Drones Sevilla 2 Fb 

First of all, we started the session with a brief explanation about the current legal framework in Spain and the type of aircrafts which exists nowadays. Depending on the spaces and the data required, there are different type of aircrafts, sensors and techniques, as well as the analysis, treatment and data exploitation.

The agenda and its activities were completely dinamic. Assistants asked about their daily needs to share examples of real projects into the different sectors where drone technology can be applied. One of the most commented was the application in the environmental data collection to develop air and water quality controls. Also, the port sector caused great interest among the assistants.

Aeron By Gam Presentacion Drones Sevilla Demostracion Exterior 2 Fb

However, with no doubt, demostrations were the most impressing part of the session. Taking advantage of the wide spaces of our facilities, different flights were done. Exterior drones, interior aircrafts and spheres. It was also installed a cable cam system, which allows work in crowded spaces such as music festivals or sport events.

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Taking into account the great interest this session has generated this month, it is planned to make another one in Sevilla and celebrate different acitivities in the rest of our Business delegations ins Spain and Portugal. If you want to receive more information, you can send and e-mail to or call to 902 230 022.

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