We'll meet at Expodrónica 2017!

Aeron by GAM will be launched in the most important fair of the drone engeneering industry.

The company, which strated its activity last May, will be in zaragoza the 21st and 22nd of September.

This fair, which celebrates its third edition, received over 7.000 las year.

Aeron Gam Ingenieria Drone Industria Expodronica17

This year we participate in Expodrónica, the biggest drone fair in Spain. We'll do it after the launch of our new division called aerón by GAM., The fair, which is going to be celebrated next 21st and 22nd of September, sill start its third edition expecting to repeat last year numbers.

After four months of its lauch, aerón by GAM is one of the biggest shorts of the company, since it is one of the most powerful areas in the market. it is specialised in unmanned aircrafts and includes rental services, certificated trianing - both for pilots or companies - distribution and costume projects. Moreover, the systems include different types of drones, as well as measurement equipment or software tools required to make analysis, treatment and data exploitation.

Dron Inspeccion Tendido Electrico

the previous experience of its members give this division professionalism and knowledgment in the services they offer as well as in the products they have. mining, agriculture, farming, environment and energetic are some of the sectors where drone services could work.