Official operator training: open courses, customised programmes and in-company training

GAM offers certified operator training through open courses, customised programmes and in-company training. All GAM courses are accredited and have the corresponding licence and official certificate. Through these courses, operators' procedures are improved, training them on how to behave in a more effective, preventive and professional manner.

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  • Certified trainers
  • Proprietary machinery and facilities
  • Syllabus and online review exercises
  • Training subsidy management
  • Programmes adapted to current regulations
  • Certificate and accreditation licence
  • Civil Liability policy up to 10 MM
  • With the guarantee of different ISO and UNE international quality standards

Industrial machinery training

Training plans adapted to your requirements

GAM has different training systems to meet the requirements of individuals and companies: open courses and customised training plans.

Open courses take place at GAM's facilities on a regular basis and are for freelancers, individuals and company workers. GAM presents more than 300 courses per month for forklift, platforms and overhead crane operators, people working in confined spaces and work at height, with programmes adapted to current regulations and different training courses according to UNE 58923 for PEMP or 58451 for forklifts.

Customised training plans provide companies with specific knowledge about the equipment they operate and the company's procedures. Through a preliminary study of each company's requirements, its employees and teams, a personalised study plan is designed to ensure that workers receive the knowledge they need to carry out their tasks in the most efficient and safe way possible.

Course calendar

Course calendar

Machinery courses for freelancers, workers and individuals

More than 300 courses per month in 75 locations, aimed at freelancers, company workers and individuals held at GAM facilities. A certified trainer presents the courses. Check our calendar.

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Open courses

Open courses

For freelancers, company workers and individuals

GAM presents more than 300 courses per month in its 75 offices for training on the use of forklifts, platforms, overhead cranes, working at height, confined spaces, etc. GAM's teaching team includes OHP professionals and certified technicians. Students can practice in a real work environment and with machinery provided by GAM.

At the end of the course, a dossier with the generated documentation is presented, along with a certificate of attendance and aptitude in diploma and licence card format.

GAM also offers certified training:

  • UNE 58451 standard: forklifts up to 10,000 kg
  • UNE 58923 standard: mobile personnel lifting platforms (PEMP)
  • International Standard ISO 18878: Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP)

Check our calendar to see upcoming dates and locations.

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Customised training plans

Customised training plans

An effective system for optimising work processes

Customised training plans for companies entail the creation and design of a study plan adapted to the production processes and equipment used in each company.

The objective is to ensure that workers obtain the specific knowledge of the equipment they operate on a daily basis, as well as to increase the efficiency of work processes, minimise the risk of accidents and optimise the care of equipment and facilities.

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Online theoretical training for companies

Online theoretical training for companies

Schedule flexibility and access from anywhere you want

GAM's online training platform can combine online and classroom training. Employees can therefore access theoretical training through the platform, which enables total time and geographic flexibility, adapting to each student's requirements.

GAM also has an online exercise simulator, with which students can acquire skills in using the equipment and become familiar with the different controls in the cabin.

The greatest advantage of the online tool is that theoretical content can be presented flexibly and is complemented by the practical part to be carried out in GAM's facilities.

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Organising entity of the State Foundation for job training - FUNDAE

GAM carries out the necessary procedures for managing training subsidies

GAM carries out all the procedures so that companies can take advantage of subsidised training. The subsidies are aimed at companies that develop courses for their employees and contribute to Vocational Training or salaried workers who contribute to Social Security.

The amount of the corresponding training is deducted from social security from the moment the course ends or throughout the year, and December is the last month of application.

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Online training

Online training

Time flexibility, no commuting, an extensive range of courses, flexible calendar and personalised learning

Online training enables access to education for anyone who cannot attend classroom training at certain times of the day, and offers a number if advantages that classroom training does not offer.

Combine training with work, family and studies. Also, if you reside in a place where the course you need is not taught, you may decide either not to train or to change your place of residence.

With distance training, GAM offers the possibility of choosing studies based on your previous knowledge and professional objectives. You are the one who sets the start date and the course is open for months. Access is unlimited, so it is always available when you want to review the training material.

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