Solutions for the food distribution sector

Flexibility and range of equipment from a single source

Food distribution facilitates food marketing and puts the producer and industrial sector in contact with consumers. It is an essential activity for the supply of basic necessities, closely linked to e-commerce and sales in large and small businesses. This complex sector is divided into large distribution for Spanish and international chains with their own logistics centres; local and regional food customers and distribution to end customers and small businesses.

Due to its seasonal nature, it requires specific reinforcements for resources such as energy, machinery and personnel training. GAM's single account manager system enables the company to simplify supplier management through a single contact point with a network of 50 offices, with the consequent saving of time and expenses. GAM also designs customised solutions for critical times of peak activity, without the customer having to invest in specialised equipment or technical personnel.

Custom projects

Custom projects

Battery charging rooms, technical studies and fleet management.

Design of battery charging rooms to improve the use of space, safety according to ATEX regulations and charging speed. GAM's projects include system analysis, lithium-ion technology, shared-use ultra-fast chargers, dual batteries and compact equipment. Read more

Energy efficiency studies.

Machines equipped with different telemetry systems for fleet monitoring, which can obtain the information needed to effectively manage equipment and workflows.

Fleet management and optimisation to avoid oversized or underused parks. Lease back operations and machinery sales for equipment renewal.

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Machinery, fleet management and maintenance

Machinery, fleet management and maintenance

Flexible, short-term renting and customised technical support service.

Handling machinery for warehouses and specific equipment for internal logistics with electric motorisation: counterbalanced and reach forklifts, towing tractors, stackers, pallet jacks, etc. GAM is an official distributor of HYSTER™, a leading manufacturer for range, reliability and robustness. Read more

AGV automation: driverless equipment for moving and lifting loads.

Electric lifting for maintenance work in facilities: scissor platforms, articulated and single-person masts.

Energy: compressors, generators and cooling plants. Turnkey power supply projects and stand-by generator sets to support large distribution warehouses and open new points of sale.

Industrial cleaning: indoor and street sweepers and scrubbers.

Electric mobility: for transporting people and materials.

GAM specialises in handling, maintenance, lifting and energy and manages any equipment requirement.

GAM's technical service is customised to the needs of each company, with back-up equipment for critical distribution times, 24/7 watch shifts and on-site technical support.

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'Last Mile' and micro-logistics

'Last Mile' and micro-logistics

Technology, sustainability and new solutions

The 'Last Mile' means the delivery of merchandise to the end customer, which is the most complex phase of the entire process. The growth of e-commerce at rates above 30% also brings a new consumer who demands to receive their order more quickly and effectively. Offering new delivery solutions has become a key differentiator for vendors and their suppliers. Read more

GAM targets this sector with the aim of offering solutions that go beyond facilitating merchandise delivery and provide new processes with the focus on avoiding pollution and inconvenience to citizens. It's time for people to start recovering their urban environment.

New logistics models for parcel delivery

These new logistics models demand ultra responsiveness and the creation of mini hubs enables the merchandise to be taken closer to the final destination. The use of alternative light vehicles reduces delivery times and enables access to areas with restrictions for traditional vehicles. GAM has different models depending on load capacity and motor type: motorcycles, pedal-assisted quad bikes, small electric vehicles and tricycles.

GAM offers tailored solutions: comprehensive fleet management, full service maintenance, driver training, and improved operational processes through technology to increase operational efficiency.

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Formación a medida

Tailor-made training and open courses

Approved courses, online platform and in-company training.

Operator courses and lifting platforms according to different UNE standards and a wide range of online training on prevention, safety and the environment. Methodology adapted to each customer: Read more

Periodic courses in GAM's 50 offices; you can check the calendar here. Online platform for theoretical content combined with in-person driving classes. Tailored teaching plans and in-company training.

Training for the 'Last Mile' operator.

Training for electric vehicle drivers in collaboration with the company Inquieto, which specialises in electric mobility.

GAM's courses include license and certification. Once you have passed the course, you can access GAM's employment portal, which has increasing demand for professionals.

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