Turnkey projects

GAM carries out a complete temporary energy supply project adapted to your requirements and accompanies you from start to finish, whatever the core of your business:

Temporary power supply

GAM has more than 1,000 electric generator sets of different capacities, more than 600 specialised technicians and a team of industrial engineers to carry out each project from start to finish.

An analysis is carried out on your business, factory or event to design your entire installation, including certification and legalisation.

GAM has the capacity to carry out complete installations. Thanks to its automatic switching panels, GAM offers a fully automated network backup service. Forget about problems caused by network failures.

If you require a complete installation, from generators to the smallest connection socket, including switching panels of any type and regardless of the cable lengths required, GAM has the solution you need. GAM specialises in turnkey projects.

GAM offers air conditioning and industrial cooling solutions adapted to each requirement.

In air conditioning facilities, air temperature and industrial cooling is adapted to achieve thermal comfort for people, adapt each industrial process to the temperature required by the assets (such as heating machines or tanks) and the products of each business (such as cooling pharmaceutical plants to preserve medicines).

To help you in your company's production process, a balance is sought between investment and safety, providing added value based on interaction and speed of response.

GAM offers air conditioners, air treatment units (ATU), cooling plants, heat exchangers, open and pressurised buffer tanks and heat jets (diesel and electric).


Electric generator sets

GAM's rental service for energy supply is characterised by speed and reliability as well as specialist technical service in Spain and abroad, offering a complete range of equipment for power generation and distribution and temperature control: