Tailor-made solutions around the needs of each client

Safety, sustainability and immediate response

In such a competitive economic environment, GAM adds value in the outsourcing of non-essential services so that each client can concentrate resources on the key tasks of their business.

Our single window system allows us to simplify costs and procedures through a single interlocutor. GAM also designs customized solutions for critical moments of maximum activity, without the client having to invest in equipment or specialized technical personnel.

We offer group billing, process optimization and concentrated commercial negotiation. We analyze the needs of each company to offer flexible solutions with optimization of resources, effective use of assets, quantity and range of equipment, technical advice and personalized post-sale attention.

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GAM, the machinery solution with a single supplier

Reliability, quality and service for intensive jobs

One of the most common critical points is logistics, since they require large warehouse areas, both for raw materials and finished products

A single vendor to simplify management

GAM is a comprehensive provider that provides the different services that each activity demands to optimize its resources

Solutions for the automotive and aeronautical industry from a single source

Safety, flexibility and specialised machinery

The chemical industry is a key sector for the economy, with 13.4% of industrial GDP and a growing export capacity

The efficiency and optimization of stocks is one of the most recurring concerns in a sector in which work peaks are common

Cost control, fewer management resources and greater flexibility


Specialists by sector and high response capacity

Our goal is to provide customers with the best solutions tailored to their industry. For this, we have a team of specialists in different sectors such as metal, automotive, ports, mining, recycling, chemical industry, logistics, renewable energy, food, facilities... This team has a comprehensive vision of the trends that are setting each of these sectors and their most critical variables in a way that allows them to develop the most appropriate solution for their needs.

“We do not believe in the traditional service model, at GAM we provide a comprehensive and much more complex service based on the idea of ​​growing with our customers.”

With extensive experience in each industry we provide improvements to the different processes of each client's activity. We have different services and a high response capacity, both commercial and technical, thanks to our network of 75 branches and 300 mobile workshops.

Solutions for the industry

We offer a comprehensive rental service for top-brand machinery, complemented by maintenance, training and purchase-sale. We also have business lines specialized in drones engineering, AGVs, modular structures, machinery distribution and event production for companies.

Innovation and commitment

In a constantly evolving market, we work on different innovation projects to increase the efficiency of processes: fleets of connected machines, remote technical assistance with augmented reality, integration of the digital signature in the ERP or mobility solutions to eliminate paper in logistics and workshop increasing the quality of service.

Safety, sustainability and immediate response

The demanding environment of many of our clients' activities implies rigorous security measures for all their collaborators. In order to carry out the work efficiently, it is essential to know in detail the relevant legislation and regulations, in addition to passing the rigorous security procedures that they require. GAM has all the necessary certifications, in addition to voluntarily submitting to periodic quality controls.