Flexibility, innovation and immediate service

Solutions for the automotive and aeronautical industry from a single source

Spain is one of the largest passenger car manufacturers in the world, an industry in which different activities are involved such as component, part and accessory manufacturing for motor vehicles. These companies have to quickly adapt to the market as global demand marks the pace of the production chain. In a highly competitive environment such as the automotive industry, we add value to the subcontracting of non-essential services, which allows each client to focus the resources on critical business tasks.

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Flexible solutions adapted to the workload of each production phase or market demand: flexible renting, shared machinery rental with neighbouring industries, machinery stock to reinforce your fleet during production peaks or opening new work shifts.

On-call technical service 24/7 to maintain the level of response during night hours and holidays and technical support service with temporary routines agreed with the customer.

Back-up machines or immediate replacement of the most critical equipment for possible breakdowns that could harm production and logistics processes.

Design of battery charging rooms to improve the use of space, safety according to ATEX regulations and charging speed. GAM's projects include system analysis, lithium-ion technology, shared-use ultra-fast chargers, dual batteries and compact equipment

Machines equipped with different telemetry systems for fleet monitoring, which can obtain the information needed to effectively mange equipment and workflows.

Fleet management and optimisation to avoid oversized or underused parks.

Lease back operations and sale of machinery to have updated equipment.

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving towards automation, especially in logistics movements between the production areas (raw material and product in progress) and dispatch (finished product). Solutions such as articulated-arm robots, AGVs and automated or semi-automated forklifts simplify processes and increase work autonomy.

The result is greater productivity and safety in repetitive tasks that do not add value, with fast return on investment.

GAM specialises in handling, maintenance, lifting and energy, but can source any equipment that you may need. This is the equipment most demanded by the automotive industry:

  • Electric motorisation maintenance: counterbalanced and reach forklifts, towing tractors, stackers, pallet jacks, etc. GAM is an exclusive distributor for HYSTER™, a leading manufacturer for range, reliability and robustness.
  • Electric lifting: for maintenance work in facilities: scissor platforms, articulated and single-person masts.
  • Energy: compressors, generators and cooling plants. Backup equipment and immediate technical support.
  • Handling: self-supporting cranes for industrial use, heavy trucks, container ships, telescopic handlers, etc.
  • Industrial cleaning: indoor and street sweepers and scrubbers.
  • Electric mobility: for transporting people and materials.

GAM offers flexible contracting models for long-term rental, flexible renting, and leasing and lease-back operations. The short-term offers support without investment in equipment for work points and emergencies.

GAM also buys and sells new and used machinery. The company's services include 24/7 technical support, replacement machines and immediate response.

Personalised service

Spain-wide coverage, a single account manager and personalised customer service.


We are specialists in services related to machinery and we are in constant contact with our clients in order to provide added value to their main activity.

Integral service

We offer a comprehensive rental service, complemented by maintenance, training and purchase-sale.


We also have business lines specialized in drone engineering, AGVs, modular structures, machinery distribution and event production for companies.


Our projects include turnkey energy plans, fleet optimization with carbon footprint analysis, machinery fleet management, fleet monitoring, technical studies for warehouse improvement and create cleaner work environments, process automation and robotization.

Security and environment

As part of our commitment to safety and the environment, GAM voluntarily submits to different audits and quality controls. The company is accredited with international standards ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001, highest accreditations in Prevention, Safety and the Environment. 75 delegations, 600 technicians and more than 300 mobile workshops.