Preventive maintenance

Preventive machinery maintenance consists of periodically reviewing operation and safety, analysing, cleaning and changing the elements subject to natural wear, among others.

The service is focused on preventing equipment failures and errors.

Thus, GAM's customers' business activities become efficient and reliable.

Conserve equipment in optimal conditions

Through periodic revisions, which can be carried out on electrical machines or machines with a combustion engine (diesel, LPG or petrol).

If anomalies are detected, corrective tasks are scheduled.

If the technical service detects anomalies in the operation of the equipment in these interventions, corrective tasks for their repair are scheduled, with prior acceptance of the quotation by the customer.

Preventive maintenance service can be scheduled.

According to a schedule or based on equipment uptime.

Electric machines

  • Check the condition of batteries, refill water and acid (if applicable).

  • Check the battery charger

  • Check the contact status

  • Check the electrical system

  • Check and adjust electric motor brushes

  • Check electric motors

  • Clean electric motors

Machines with combustion engine

  • (LPG, diesel or petrol)

  • Basic engine maintenance

  • Change engine oil

  • Change oil filter

  • Change fuel filter

  • Change air filter

  • Check service belts (if applicable)

For all machines

  • Check lights

  • Check electrical and electronic systems

  • General revision of operation and safety systems

  • General machine lubrication

  • Labour required to carry out the work

  • Travel to the customer's facilities is included.

  • Complete check list at the end of the preventive service indicating the checks carried out on the machines.

  • Report of the operations (corrective) that should be carried out if there are any anomalies.


Basic full service maintenance

This service not only offers preventive inspections, but also provides technical assistance for breakdowns and material repairs up to a predefined amount limit.


Comprehensive full service maintenance

Comprehensive Full Service Maintenance covers both preventive inspections and technical assistance for breakdowns and repairs, in addition to other repairs agreed upon according to the client's needs and criteria.


An extensive network of proprietary workshops and collaborators.

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