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Industrial machinery services

GAM knows what its customers need and knows how to provide the best solutions. It works to ensure that customers can dedicate their activities and resources to their core business while GAM provides the flexibility offered by outsourcing secondary activities. GAM therefore has a wide range of machinery services for industry.

It offers a comprehensive rental service for top brand machinery and turnkey projects that cover any lifting, energy, maintenance or handling requirement, complemented by a personalised post-sales service.

GAM provides sustainable solutions; its fleet of more than 16,000 machines has zero emissions. GAM's services include options such as maintenance, technical advice and 24/7 technical support on site or at any of GAM's 75 offices. It also offers flexible rental and lease options for fleet optimisation.

Industrial services tailored for each customer

Passion for machinery services

GAM offers turnkey projects for energy supply to your facility, which includes technical advice, accessories, equipment, 24-hour technical support, fuel, legalisation of installations, maintenance and waste management.

GAM also has specialised business lines in mobile robotics and drone engineering, offering the most innovative technological solutions for industry.

GAM offers the best new and used machinery from the leading brands in the market and is an official distributor for Hyster, Magni, JLG, Valla, Oil&Steel, Bravi, Mobilev, Logitrans and Tennant.

It also has a division that specialises in professional technical services for large event design and production, in which it provides lighting, video, structures, sound, energy and machinery.

It offers services for modular constructions, dealing with design, construction and assembly, transport and any repairs.

GAM considers safety a priority and offers various options for certified training for operators: online platform, tailored programmes, classroom courses and in-company training.

GAM's main competitive advantage lies in offering comprehensive machinery services from a single supplier, from optimising your machinery fleet management through technical studies, implementing internal and external logistics projects, to industry 4.0 and process improvement through mobile robotics, automation, AGVs, etc.

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