Customised solutions for the entire supply chain

The efficiency and optimization of stocks is one of the most recurring concerns in a sector in which work peaks are common

As a regular collaborator, GAM has become a provider of different solutions with conditions adapted to demand, reliability at critical moments and the ability to develop new solutions in collaboration with the client.

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Large logistics companies demand fleets of indoor electrical machinery with or without an operator on board, such as pallet trucks, stackers, order pickers or reach trucks, as well as forklifts medium size electric counterbalanced. For intermodal stations and ports we also supply large-tonnage machinery to handle containers.

GAM offers back up machines to ensure the availability of equipment during the hours in which the work is concentrated and immediate SAT service at the times agreed with the client.

In addition, we take care of the management of machines or complete fleets owned by the client. Our services include preventive maintenance programs or full service, which with total cost control They help prolong the life of the equipment and anticipate possible breakdowns.

Our machines are equipped with different telemetry systems for fleet monitoring, which allow obtaining the necessary information for the effective management of your equipment and workflows.

We carry out fleet optimization studies to avoid oversized or underused fleets, with renewal options through lease back operations or the sale of already obsolete machinery. In this way, the client has updated equipment and a fleet that responds to the needs of each moment.

The 'Last Mile' or 'Last km' means the delivery of merchandise to the end customer, which is the most complex phase of the entire process. The growth of e-commerce at rates above 30% also brings a new consumer who demands to receive their order more quickly and effectively. Offering new delivery solutions has become a key differentiator for vendors and their suppliers.

GAM targets this sector with the aim of offering solutions that go beyond facilitating merchandise delivery and provide new processes with the focus on avoiding pollution and inconvenience to citizens. It's time for people to start recovering their urban environment.

These new logistics models demand ultra responsiveness and the creation of mini hubs enables the merchandise to be taken closer to the final destination. The use of alternative light vehicles reduces delivery times and enables access to areas with restrictions for traditional vehicles. GAM has different models depending on load capacity and motor type: motorcycles, pedal-assisted quad bikes, small electric vehicles and tricycles.

GAM offers tailored solutions: comprehensive fleet management, full service maintenance, driver training, and improved operational processes through technology to increase operational efficiency.

Operator courses and lifting platforms according to different UNE standards and a wide range of online training on prevention, safety and the environment. Methodology adapted to each customer:

Periodic courses in GAM's 50 offices; you can check the calendar here (link). Online platform for theoretical content combined with in-person driving classes. Tailored teaching plans and in-company training.

Training for electric vehicle drivers in collaboration with the company Inquieto, which specialises in electric mobility.

GAM's training courses include a license and certification. Once you have passed the course, you can access GAM's employment portal, which has increasing demand for professionals. Close

El exigente entorno de las actividades del metal implica rigurosas medidas de seguridad para todos sus colaboradores. Para poder realizar los trabajos de forma eficiente es imprescindible conocer con detalle la legislación y normativa pertinente, y pasar los rigurosos procedimientos de seguridad que requieren estas empresas.

Con varios años de experiencia en la industria metalúrgica, GAM cuenta con todas las certificaciones necesarias, además de someterse voluntariamente a controles periódicos de calidad.

Las industrias evolucionan hacia operativas cada vez más eficientes y ecológicamente sostenibles. Nuestro parque de maquinaria cuenta ya con más de un 65% de equipos cero emisiones, proporción que irá en aumento siguiendo el ambicioso plan de renovación de flota y vehículos.

GAM cuenta con las máximas certificaciones en materia de Seguridad, Prevención y Medioambiente, somos la única empresa del sector certificada con la ISO 45001.

Personalised service

Spain-wide coverage, a single account manager and personalised customer service.


We are specialists in services related to machinery and we are in constant contact with our clients in order to provide added value to their main activity.

Integral service

We offer a comprehensive rental service, complemented by maintenance, training and purchase-sale.


We also have business lines specialized in drone engineering, AGVs, modular structures, machinery distribution and event production for companies.


Our projects include turnkey energy plans, fleet optimization with carbon footprint analysis, machinery fleet management, fleet monitoring, technical studies for warehouse improvement and create cleaner work environments, process automation and robotization.

Security and environment

As part of our commitment to safety and the environment, GAM voluntarily submits to different audits and quality controls. The company is accredited with international standards ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001, highest accreditations in Prevention, Safety and the Environment. 75 delegations, 600 technicians and more than 300 mobile workshops.