Customised solutions for the mining industry

Safety, flexibility and specialised machinery.

We work following the different protocols necessary in relation to safety and the environment, as well as we implement any innovation that allows us to minimize the environmental impact of our equipment and activity.

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Personalised business plans, study of technical and safety needs, comprehensive fleet management and maintenance plans for external machinery, customised operator training, flexible renting and long-term rental, team management with operators, fleet optimisation, monitoring of connected machines to increase the efficiency of equipment and procedures.

The activity in the mines requires very specific equipment that is difficult to replace. The most demanded is heavy machinery, often low-profile, to be able to move through galleries, handling equipment, backhoes and forklifts, as well as spare parts and accessories.

The teams work three shifts, with several operators and without leaving the mine. The technical response must be on demand to avoid any drop in production, so GAM usually works with workshops and permanent technicians on site to provide immediate assistance.

Drone technology provides new solutions for topography (earthworks, work site advance, blasting, slope control, landfills, etc.), volumetry for material cubing, indoor and confined space work.

The demanding extraction environment requires rigorous safety measures for all employees. In order to carry out the work efficiently, it is essential to know the relevant legislation and regulations in detail and to implement the rigorous safety procedures that these companies require.

With several years of experience in some of the most important mining operations in Spain, GAM has all the necessary certifications and voluntarily submits to periodic quality controls.

The extraction sector is evolving towards increasingly efficient and environmentally sustainable operations. GAM has the highest certification in terms of Safety, Prevention and the Environment, it is the only company in the sector with ISO 45001 certification.

The equipment in GAM's machinery is already more than 65% zero-emission, a proportion that will increase in line with the company's ambitious fleet and vehicle renewal plan.

Modular construction enables workspaces to be expanded, providing a tailored space for quick installation and immediate use. Being a mobile and reusable structure, it has great facilities for installation and assembly, which means significant cost and production time optimisation.

Its most common applications are expansions of offices, new warehouse areas, dining rooms and changing rooms, training rooms or any other use that the company requires. The modular construction system enables total customisation of the space according to the project's budget, required size and distribution needs.

Personalised service

Spain-wide coverage, a single account manager and personalised customer service.


We are specialists in services related to machinery and we are in constant contact with our clients in order to provide added value to their main activity.

Integral service

We offer a comprehensive rental service, complemented by maintenance, training and purchase-sale.


We also have business lines specialized in drone engineering, AGVs, modular structures, machinery distribution and event production for companies.


Our projects include turnkey energy plans, fleet optimization with carbon footprint analysis, machinery fleet management, fleet monitoring, technical studies for warehouse improvement and create cleaner work environments, process automation and robotization.

Security and environment

As part of our commitment to safety and the environment, GAM voluntarily submits to different audits and quality controls. The company is accredited with international standards ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001, highest accreditations in Prevention, Safety and the Environment. 75 delegations, 600 technicians and more than 300 mobile workshops.