Prefabricated modules or custom projects

Prefabricated modules

Individual modules and modular sets for rent and sale. GAM offers prefabricated modules as well as sea and storage containers.

Prefabricated modules

Standard measure prefabricated modules, assembled at ground level and at height. The process provides greater speed and flexibility compared to traditional construction, creating buildings in any environment in less time.


Custom warehouse space solutions. Ideal for speed in transport, robustness and protecting cargo.

Custom projects

GAM takes care of the design and dimensioning of the space, as well as preparing the equipment, assembling and removing it and the search for transport and auxiliary equipment. All the equipment in GAM's rental park also includes maintenance against possible incidents.

GAM can adapt to your objectives and customises your construction with optional extras: different surface finishes (a wide range of smooth or profiled panels in different colours to choose from, frames painted in the desired colour, wood-based cladding, Cedral façade, composite panel, vinyl, glazed surfaces), raised floors or floating floors and interior coatings based on plasterboard or other materials, air conditioning and forced ventilation, different heights, voice and data installation, fire protection systems, foundations, start-up, double decking, electricity supply through GAM's energy business. Rental management, delivery and cleaning of chemical toilets.


What is this type of construction used for?

GAM works with different prefabricated module structures of standard and custom measurements, assembled on the ground and at height for all types of applications.

  • Storage
  • Education
  • Events
  • Works
  • Plumbing
  • Offices
  • Changing rooms
  • Sports facilities
  • Trade shows
  • Leisure and hospitality


GAM builds from zero with personalised customer service

It has a team of engineers who accompany you throughout the project from start to finish, providing advice to achieve the best possible design.


GAM studies and analyses your requirements


A proposal is prepared and the project starts


The facility is installed


Case studies