Study, analysis and implementation to optimise each process in factories or logistics and storage plants.

GAM's AGV service offers a custom industrial robotic automation solution for each customer. It analyses and studies each plant and prepares a custom project based on your requirements, always with a focus on optimisation and efficiency in processes.

From individual machines to complete circuits. GAM's team of engineers will accompany and advise you from the beginning to the end of the project and throughout the use of the installation.


Complete technology available to you so that you can go where others cannot

Comprehensive drone technology service for multiple applications and sectors. GAM studies your requirements and develops a custom project, whatever the core of your business.

Drone technology provides more accurate data in real time with greater security and less operational time.

GAM's specialist team of technicians and engineers will advise and accompany you throughout the process. It analyses, studies and implements the project and prepares official reports.

GAM ESPAÑA SERVICIOS DE MAQUINARIA, S.L. has obtained funding for the project "Drone system for efficient inventory management" (PICADRON) presented to the 2019 call for grants aimed at Asturian companies, within the framework of the Aid Program for the execution of R&D projects, (RIS3-Company Program). Said project has been co-financed, both by the Government of the Principality of Asturias through IDEPA and the Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation (PCTI) 2018-2022 , as well as by the European Union through the ERDF.
The main objective of "PICADRON" is to develop a system to perform inventory control tasks in a warehouse based on an aerial system unmanned aerial vehicle (UAS) or drone, which is capable of performing flights autonomously through the aisles of a warehouse in order to control the inventory, accurately and safe. File: IDE/2019/000323

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