Rental solutions for power supply

All energy solutions for your industry

GAM offers a complete solution for power supply to your facilities, including technical advice, equipment, accessories, 24-hour technical assistance, legalisation of installations, fuel, maintenance and waste management.

  • Equipment supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Refuelling management
  • Spain and international coverage: 75 offices in 10 countries
  • Turnkey service
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Power supply for different sector

GAM projects include scheduled interventions for production and maintenance, resolving contingencies and temporary assemblies to meet any energy requirement.

GAM reliably implements emergency installations, continuous operation, peak power support, in parallel, contingency plans and power tests.

Thanks to a technical team of more than 600 professionals, GAM provides service in all activities and sectors, with service in Spain and abroad and immediate response times to any problem.

Comprehensive energy supply services

Assistance 24 hours, 7 days a week

GAM's objective is to offer a comprehensive personalised service, based on immediacy and time constraints through the rental of generator sets, temperature control equipment and other power generation equipment.

GAM's comprehensive energy solution is based on:

Requirements Study

GAM studies your company's requirements to offer a totally adapted and personalised solution.

Facility design and optimisation

In a second step, GAM designs and optimises the installation of the necessary equipment under two premises: reliability and energy efficiency.

Certification and legalisation of the facility

GAM takes care of everything, certify the installation and completing all the legal procedures required for implementation.


GAM takes care of installation assembly, seeking to optimise the company's existing resources and considering other important issues such as the available space.

On-site on-call personnel service and on-call telephone support

Thanks to GAM's comprehensive service, technical advice and 24-hour assistance is available for any incident. GAM's response times are immediate to any contingency and if you prefer, a GAM technician will attend your own facilities.

Refuelling management

GAM takes care of energy equipment maintenance, managing and controlling any refuelling required.


Once the temporary energy supply service is finished, GAM dismantles the installation quickly and reliably and manages any waste that may be generated.

Generating reports

Finally, if you wish, GAM generate reports related to the entire comprehensive energy supply service of the facility so that you can have all the relevant data on that service.

Equipment rental for power generation

GAM's rental service for energy supply is characterised by speed and reliability as well as specialist technical service in Spain and abroad, offering a complete range of equipment for power generation and distribution and temperature control:

Energy generation and distribution

Power generation and distribution

GAM's fleet has more than 1,500 generator sets: from 2 to 2,000 KVA, 230, 380, 440 and 480 V and 50 and 60 Hz frequency. If you require different voltage, please contact GAM for a solution.

GAM offers the capacity to carry out complete installations. Thanks to its automatic switching panels, GAM offers a fully automated network backup service. Forget about problems caused by network failures.

If you require a complete installation, from generators to the smallest connection socket, going through switching panels of any type and regardless of the cable lengths required, GAM has the solution you need. GAM specialises in turnkey projects.

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Air conditioning

Air conditioning

GAM offers industrial air conditioning solutions adapted to your requirements. GAM's expert team will analyse your company's situation with the aim of developing an in-depth study in order to offer the best solution, complying with all safety regulations.

To help you in your company's production process, GAM seeks a balance between investment and safety. GAM provides a service with added value, based on interaction and speed of response.

To achieve this, it has: air conditioners, air treatment units (ATU), cooling plants, heat exchangers, open and pressurised buffer tanks and heat jets (diesel and electric).

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Compressed air

Compressed air

For compressed air generation, GAM has different equipment that adapts to different industries, including a maintenance service and 24/7 technical service adapted to your requirements.

GAM's catalogue includes high and low pressure diesel compressors with different flow rates and pressures. These machines can supply power to an infinite number of processes. They are efficient and have low operating costs.

They are low noise and respectful to the environment. They are manageable, accessible and easy to maintain.

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