Solutions for the food chain

GAM is a comprehensive provider that provides the different services that each activity demands to optimize its resources.

Process automation allows optimization of resources available and as industry leader we are up to date with all the necessary requirements to export, destination of an important part of the production.

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Automatic guided vehicles enable efficient automation of repetitive tasks that do not add value such as unloading raw materials, pallet storage and retrieval in the warehouse, moving materials to the production line and from the end of the line and loading finished product.

They can also handle food transport operations in unfriendly environments for the operator such as cold storage areas, freezers, drying ovens, salty or oily areas and ripening rooms.

Drone engineering has different applications throughout the food chain and is an efficient tool for carrying out volumetric work for stockpiles and bulk, as well as inspecting structures and confined spaces (tanks, silos, pipes, etc.). The multiple applications of this technology enable efficient data collection and access to hard-to-reach areas with greater safety.

Primary food moves millions of perishable materials, with machines that work every day of the week on different shifts. Service reliability is key to not losing the merchandise. GAM supplies reserve machines, 24-hour technical service and minimum response times. Also, the rental service provides machines immediately and flexibly for the different campaigns.

GAM has the highest certification in safety and prevention. It is the only company in the sector with ISO 45001 and it is up-to-date with all the necessary regulations for export permits.

PRODUCTION: The equipment in production is the most critical of the entire process. The raw material does not stop coming into the factories, as scheduled by the needs of the end customers, and any breakdown in this equipment can block production or collapse the storage areas. GAM supplies handlers, loaders and forklifts, for which buckets, turners and forks are needed

LOGISTICS: Demand forklifts with electric motorisation for indoors and diesel or LPG for outdoors. Stackers are also frequently used for positioning and transferring bigbags under flour and feed filling hoppers and, to a lesser extent, pallet jacks.

LIFTING: electric scissors and electric articulated platforms.

INDUSTRIAL CLEANING: electric sweepers and scrubbers of different sizes for accompanying and seated operators, depending on the surface, floor type and waste type on each floor.

Most customers are active all year round, they link crops and can also work with greenhouses. The first phase is collection from the farm or greenhouse, with jobs that require all-terrain forklifts, handlers and agricultural tractors. For large areas, generator sets may also be needed.

In a second phase, in which the material reaches the cooperatives' warehouses, indoor electrical machinery is used, such as forklifts, triple-mast forklifts, and operator-on-foot and platform pallet jacks. Cold rooms often require reinforced power using generators.

Electric or gas forklifts, indoor machinery and generator sets.

Includes pet food and livestock feed. This subsector demands more varied equipment such as loaders, handlers, electric and diesel forklifts, indoor machinery, and generator sets. The type of merchandise handled is usually supplied in bulk, big bags, sacks and drums

The demanding environment of metal activities means rigorous security measures for all its collaborators. In order to carry out the work efficient it is essential to know in detail relevant legislation and regulations, and pass the rigorous security procedures that require These companies.

With several years of experience in the industry metallurgy, GAM has all the certifications necessary, in addition to voluntarily submitting to periodic quality controls.

Industries evolve towards operating more and more efficient and ecologically sustainable. our park of machinery already has more than 65% of equipment zero emissions, a proportion that will go increase following the ambitious renovation plan of fleet and vehicles.

GAM has the highest certifications in terms of Safety, Prevention and Environment, we are the only company in the sector certified with ISO 45001.

Personalised service

Spain-wide coverage, a single account manager and personalised customer service.


We are specialists in services related to machinery and we are in constant contact with our clients in order to provide added value to their main activity.

Integral service

We offer a comprehensive rental service, complemented by maintenance, training and purchase-sale.


We also have business lines specialized in drone engineering, AGVs, modular structures, machinery distribution and event production for companies.


Our projects include turnkey energy plans, fleet optimization with carbon footprint analysis, machinery fleet management, fleet monitoring, technical studies for warehouse improvement and create cleaner work environments, process automation and robotization.

Security and environment

As part of our commitment to safety and the environment, GAM voluntarily submits to different audits and quality controls. The company is accredited with international standards ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001, highest accreditations in Prevention, Safety and the Environment. 75 delegations, 600 technicians and more than 300 mobile workshops.