Event Types

Corporate events

Corporate event design and implementation

GAM offers the experience and technical expertise to design and create your corporate event, whether it is a corporate conference, a trade show, a promotional campaign or a new product presentation.

Sports events

GAM creates unique sports events

GAM is an expert in planning, designing and producing large sports events such as awards, broadcasts, as well as creating hospitality and VIP areas and installing pavilions and stands. Everything you need to create spectacular sports events thanks to a consolidated team in each area that accompanies you from start to finish throughout the entire event.

Institutional events

Institutional, cultural and festive event production

GAM is a trusted collaborator on cultural and festive institutional event production. GAM gets involved in your project and provides the necessary support throughout all the phases. GAM offers extensive experience in festival production in large cities, awards and tributes, electoral campaigns and much more.

Cultural events

Creation of festivals and other cultural events

GAM creates unforgettable cultural events and festivals in which everything takes place on time and as planned. GAM's portfolio includes impeccably produced festivals for the BBK Live, DCODE Festival and Santander Music.


Solutions for events with a single provider

At GAM we offer a comprehensive service that includes all phases of the project, from start to finish.


The first thing is to carry out a exhaustive analysis of your idea to make the appropriate assessments of its technical feasibility. We will advise you to contribute everything that improves your event to make it brilliant.


Subsequently, we carried out the technical design of the structure and audiovisual engineering and we plan all logistical aspects to minimize unforeseen.


Finally, we set up the sound equipment, lighting, video, settings and energy. Our technical team will go by your hand throughout the event development.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team of technicians We offer the best comprehensive event creation service.


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