GAM's vision is to become the best global industrial services ally for customers, adding value and satisfying any need, generating a positive impact on the environment and in the communities in which it operates.

That's how it all started

Embracing sustainability

A sustainability project that focuses on promoting sustainable development in the company's activities, with the aim of measuring its impact as an organisation.

Circular economy

New refurbishing and re-manufacturing plant.

GAM has incorporated the circular economy into its business model with the creation of a plant that enables it to give parts and machinery a second life through reconditioning or recycling, using fewer material resources.

This plant opens a way to close the useful life cycle of industrial machines and equipment in an environmentally friendly way, promoting their reuse and seeking to cover the new European policies on reducing landfill disposal rates.

Energy and sustainable mobility

Renewal of GAM's machinery park towards zero-emission alternatives



electric machines

GAM is renovating its machinery park progressively with the aim of achieving a fleet of zero-emissions machinery, with 77% of its fleet being electric machines at this time.

Energy consumption from renewable sources

GAM aims to reduce CO2 emissions derived from electricity consumption in its facilities by consuming electricity from 100% renewable sources. Through an agreement with TotalEnergies, GAM has installed:



photovoltaic panels



photovoltaic panels

The company thus reinforces its commitment to self-consumption from energy with a 100% renewable Guarantee of Origin.

Sustainable mobility through Inquieto

GAM encourages and promotes sustainable mobility through its company Inquieto, which was founded to resolve the needs of a changing society that seeks greater immediacy, demands quality and, above all, commitment to the environment.


electric vehicles

With more than 3,400 alternative electric vehicles, Inquieto is a pioneer in comprehensive services for the last logistics mile, offering leasing, sales, maintenance and fleet management for all types of businesses, thus promoting sustainable urban mobility, which preserves cities and return them to citizens, thereby ensuring a sustainable future.

Collaboration with associations

Talks at GAM

Social innovation


Kirleo Trade School

GAM is aware of the fundamental role that people play, and the Social Innovation block therefore includes:


Initiatives for developing the knowledge and professional skills of our staff


Promoting job placement for young people


Training people to facilitate their professional development through upskilling and reskilling, improving the knowledge and procedures of the sector and new markets.

All of this is achieved through Kirleo, GAM's trade school that connects the needs of the professional world and adapts it to the educational demand in new professions.

Talks at GAM

GAM promotes collaborations between people and organisations through its innovation room.

It thus promotes idea generation and projects within the organisation in order to provide differential value.


An initiative to collaboratively enjoy benchmarks in the field of innovation, culture and sustainability, learning about different current issues that impact people in their personal and professional lives.

Collaboration with associations

Finally, this block also addresses the importance of social collaboration with the GAM environment. This year, GAM has collaborated with different organisations (Red Cross, Bosquia, Viche Association, COCEMFE, World Central Kitchen, Movember Foundation, etc.) with the aim of generating a positive impact on society.

Energy and sustainable mobility

GAM invests into initiatives that enable business development in a sustainable manner.

Recently, the European Investment Bank (EIB) granted GAM a loan of 35 million euro that will be used to:


Support the electrification of its fleet


Develop more sustainable last-mile solutions through Inquieto


Promote digitalisation and the evolution of Kirleo, GAM's trade school.

In the Transforming the Business block, GAM analyses the investment made into sustainable projects and in the local communities in which it operates.

It also monitors the jobs generated through these initiatives and its overall contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).