Authorized Oil&Steel Distributor

Oil&Steel is a brand specialising in the design, production and marketing of lifting platforms. Quality, simplicity and reliability prevail in its rigorous production processes, emphasising its tracked and light vehicle platforms.

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Tracked platforms


Octopus 14

Lifting height: 14m

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Octopus 17

Lifting height: 17m

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Octopus 23

Lifting height: 23m

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Lifting platforms on light vehicles


Scorpion 1812

Lifting height: 17,8m

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Scorpion 2013

Lifting height: 19,9m

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Scorpion 2313

Lifting height: 22,6m

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Snake 189

Lifting height: 18m

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Snake 2010 H Plus

Lifting height: 20m

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