What is GAM's disinfection service?

Find out about GAM's disinfection services in all types of facilities to reduce viral load.

GAM applies professional virucidal disinfectants authorised by the Ministry of Health to eliminate or reduce the possible viral load in commercial premises. All disinfection tasks are certified by the Lacera Group, specialists in cleaning and disinfection, and the most effective system is adapted to the needs of each customer.

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Disinfection areas

GAM carries out disinfection tasks indoors and outdoors for:

Zonas Industriales

Industrial areas

Areas with movements of personnel or groups of people: entrances, offices, changing rooms, dining rooms and cafeterias, warehouses, roads, car parks, etc.

Locales Comerciales

Commercial Premises

Shopping centres, shops, restaurants, customer service offices, car parks, toilets, employee areas, etc.

Medios de transporte

Transport methods

Terminals and vehicles: bus stations and stops, freight and passenger trains, distribution centres, logistics centres, etc.

Espacios públicos

Public spaces

Roads, squares, parks, schools, sports centres, theatres, stadiums, hospitals and outpatient clinics, nursing homes, religious or political meetings, etc.

Cañones nebulizadores

Fogger cannons

GAM offers an industrial fogger service with a wide action range for complete disinfection:

  • The operation of the fogger cannons is simple, they generate particles with a 50-150 micron diameter that easily join with others of the same size and drag them to the ground.
  • There is also the possibility of automatic operation.
  • Fogging cannons are recommended especially in outdoor spaces.
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Soluciones a medida

Custom solutions.

GAM carries out projects adapted to the needs of each customer. One example is the installation of temperature detection doors in mass entrance areas.

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Desinfección manual

Manual disinfection

GAM offers the following manual environmental disinfection treatments:

  • NCold air fogging with ULV devices. The biocidal product is dispersed in very fine droplets of 5-50 microns, achieving the highest level of efficiency.
  • Spraying: dispersion of the biocide in drops of 100-200 microns, more suitable for outdoor use.

GAM's personnel are specialised and have specific training on biocide handling. GAM has the ENVIRONMENTAL DISINFECTION CERTIFICATE pursuant to the UNE 16636-2015 Standard.

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Triciclos desinfectantes

Disinfectant tricycles

Manual disinfection using electric tricycles is mainly indicated for urban furniture disinfection. Their main features include:

  • Fast work in pedestrian areas or areas with difficult access for motor vehicles.
  • One-hundred-litre disinfectant tank, so it has high autonomy.
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Certified disinfection services

GAM offers several disinfection services: nebuliser cannons, disinfectant tricycles, etc. The choice of the most suitable solution depends on each project, the characteristics of the space to be treated and the time available to do it. Tell us your requirements and a plan will be created with specific solutions for you.
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Gestión integral de logística interna y limpieza

Disinfection: frequently asked questions

With disinfection, the aim is total destruction of microorganisms, without taking that step further to prevent them from re-emerging. Something is considered sterilised when it is "totally" free from microorganisms.
The total time it takes depends on many factors such as the disinfection solution used, the time it takes to install machinery, if necessary, etc. As a general rule, disinfection of a medium-size commercial premises takes one morning.
Complete and professional disinfection must be carried out in the premises before it is reopened to the public, and the premises must be disinfected, according to the Spanish Official State Gazette, a minimum of twice daily.